Vergara Homes – Lead Magnet Package

Elizabeth Vergara-Stahl owns Vergara Homes, a full-service residential interior design company. She provides design and planning services for residential properties in New York.


Because home renovation is filled with unknowns, our main goal was to educate readers on what they can expect. And how to get the most out of it.


Elizabeth has years of experience in home renovation and interior design. She’s also passionate and devoted to every client. This makes her a perfect candidate for home renovation projects. 

After seeing success on social media, she wanted to find new ways to find clients.


The project resulted in an 18-page lead magnet. It outlined the 5 biggest home renovation traps. We divided it into 3 sections: introduction, main content, and call to action.

The introduction empathically describes the feelings of renovating a home. It also shows the first-hand experience Elizabeth brings to every project. 

The main content section contains 12 pages that describe the 5 traps of a home renovation. Each trap has some context to help the readers better understand the unknown. It also features a solution with actionable advice on avoiding the problem. 

The call to action section covers the steps readers can take to get the most out of their home renovation. At the end, we included an interactive button. This allows readers to book a free discovery call with Elizabeth directly from the PDF.

I then created a lead magnet landing page and email sequence to complete the package. I wrote the copy following Elizabeth’s brand voice based on the questionnaire. I also used her past content as inspiration. 


Elizabeth can now find new clients on autopilot and focus on helping existing ones. 

I expect Vergara Homes to grow even further in the upcoming months as more people sign up for Elizabeth’s email list and enter the sales funnel.

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