Davika Latoya – Lead Magnet Package

Davika Latoya is a relationship coach, guiding women to a better life after heartbreak. She’s also an educator and speaker and has appeared at multiple conferences where she shared her inspiring story.


Because heartbreaks are a sensitive topic, our goal was to show empathy. We also wanted to highlight Davika’s story to position her as a person who knows the struggles that come with it.


Davika has a unique personal story of being unable to heal after heartbreak for 4 years. Her firsthand experience gives her a unique insight into the foundations of a healthy relationship. And how to combine them with the teachings of the church.

After successfully sharing her story on social media, Davika was looking for a new way to use it to scale her coaching business.


The project resulted in an 8-page lead magnet. It covered the 5 main reasons readers are stuck in pain after a heartbreak, along with tips on overcoming it.

We divided the lead magnet into 3 sections: introduction, main content, and call to action.

The first section shows readers that their feelings are justified. It also prepares them for what’s to come in the next section of the lead magnet.

The main section contains 5 pages covering a different reason why the readers might be in pain. Each ends with a solution and actionable steps they can take today.

The call to action section includes an interactive button readers can use to go directly to book a free discovery call. We also included information about Davika and links to her social media profiles.

I then created a lead magnet landing page and email sequence to complete the package. I wrote the copy following Davika’s brand voice based on the questionnaire. I also used her past content as inspiration.


Davika can now automate her lead generation process and focus on helping her students.

I expect her coaching business to grow even further across different social media channels. All of that while more people sign up for her email list and enter the sales funnel.

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